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Another day!

OutsideHIDE (propz to grifyn for the apt phrasing)

Many female pirates of a certain age would be interested in these.

News, not humor: Coup in Thailand.

Notes from Work:

Apprehensive about the one situation.

I would never name a child Kludge, because while it sounds like it might be a pretty name (listen to the sound of it!) it is bad. (Seriously. Kluuuuuuuuuudge. )

Reasons why the Guru is awesome:
Me: I am in the building today, so any time you have available would be OK. (Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!)
Him: Arrgh!! I be havin’ a meetin’ at 4 bells (2pm for you scurvey ridden landlubbers). Can we parlay at the ringin o 6 bells (3pm)?
Me: Aye! I’ll raid your cabin then!

The Guru is celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day too! Hooray! (I showed up for the meeting and he showed off his piratical wallpaper, said that he hadn't remembered what day it was until I mentioned it, and mentioned a shopping trip with his boys to the Halloween-swag store: the stated purpose of the trip was to "get stuff that will upset your mom". The older son was upset that there were no peg-legs. The Guru was not sure whether to be proud or dismayed.) (The Guru's wife-upsetting tactics appear to be in the spirit of good fun, not nastiness.)

I am having an Energy Drink. It’s not a tasty thing. Ice for the win. I need sugar because it is all fake in this, and I didn’t have breakfast. I did have a nice solid meal last night pretty late, so it balances out. …I think I did. I’m not sure. But I’m not hungry. I did bring along my almonds and chocolate today, because those are the win. I hope it’s not due to the energy drink, because that could royally fuck over my system.

My hair is a mess. I’ve been combing it while stuff loads.

Probably not coming in tomorrow. I’ll need a day off.

The enforced downtime was good for my energy level and motivation.

Out of energy drink. Hyper.

Had cramps this morning. Stupid uterus. Except there is no bleeding as of yet. I’m glad I don’t have any reason to worry on that front.

OK, focus lost. Going to go get nice hot tea, and get back on task. That is what mini-breaks are good for. Found tea and the web guy; good. Glee for features! I might be a feature creep. : (

Pizza good. I get the leftovers!

Told Grandma Cinderella some Shawn stories. The phone in the microwave is always a classic. Homie G Jr. thought she was crying, she was laughing so hard….

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