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Love & Chocolate

Group was hot tonight. Even the non-smut was excellent demonstrations of love in action, which was the general idea. It ranged from sweet to torrid to quite explicit indeed! The brownies were a huge hit. samurai_ko keeps the secret recipe to herself; if I want to duplicate them, I'm going to have to experiment. I discussed the properties of the fudge that resulted in The Late (tardy, not dead) Mr. Potter having a close encounter with the hospital. (He thought he could have a whole piece. He thought wrong.)

I am never ever ever ever going to read that piece around Darkside. OMG no.

One of the things I sometimes have to do is act out the blocking to see if it makes sense. If I'm stuck for "what happens next", I get in character and act out the blocking. This can result in me playing more than one character at the same time. In situations like this, though, it results in me leaning back in my chair, tilting my head to one side, and gasping sort of like the fish out of water, because Mike is nibbling on the protagonist's neck, and I doubt that they are actually going to make it out of their clothing, like, at all.

I plan to outline Circle of Fire before November. This also means actually getting motion, rather than just bright ideas, on the hissstorical fic. Which means a half-hour in the morning on it, or something.

Brownies were totally the win. I brought soy milk, it being better-travelable than regular, and better for the tender digestion of lactards than regular. Mmmm, brownies.

After hours brought out the tarot cards and assorted shiny rocks. I realized that I'd missed a call from Dawn, and left a message back. I called V, and shared hugs & love all 'round. I told her the crazy saga of our new lady and her vile ex-roommate. It's the sort of stuff they make movies out of, yo.

There was happy intensive magicgeeking. Yay for magicgeeking!

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