Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Link and day.

Stealing computers! Twice!

Farewell, Steve.

OMFG cool: USB rechargeable batteries! Like, AAs.

cadhla loses her crickets. The inevitable Craigslist link has already been made, and the combination drove me to tears of laughter. (Because I am tipsy.)

The Register's Data Recovery Disasters, various modes of bad hardware failure, most amusing.

Sweet. (I want a U3 one, though.)

Exploding toad fertilizer!

I plan to take Thalia with me to work again Thursday, to see if Turbo's in and can get me back my backup. (Much ♥ for Turbo.) All this working during the actual week may leave me with some real free time on the weekend!

The keyboard is now in the living room. Floorspace is good for something!

It is almost the season of perpetually open doors and/or windows. We have no windows, except for the balcony door. However, the section of vent that chills the redhead's bed unnecessarily has been shut off and furthermore spiritually diffused with the stained-glass iris. (Closest thing to a dreamcatcher that was readily available.)

I have told the redhead to hit me if my shields fail drastically to the point where she cannot get me out.
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