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Oblivion wears no pants.

Propz to that hilarious icon of grifyn's for the subject. I adore that icon.

My Headphones of Oblivion are doing their job nicely, I think. I have Pandora on. Firehose’s “Locked In” sounds like R.E.M. from their early years.

I crunch on ice because it has negative calories and fits the bill for a crunchy snack. Don'’t look at me that way. It’'s soft ice. Just as loud as chips, and better for me.

What am I doing, finding crap in here? All this should already be completely troubleshot. I should not have to go through and find these things. Just not on. OK Go’'s "“A Good Idea At The Time"” is my high school years, I think. I have a new favorite-listed band.

I might have logtime nailed. Then, I might not. I've been writing things between queries. The note about the nightmare drew out tears, which means it was right on. I had to write out quite a lot before I got anything coherent.

It's nice having dinner. It worked really well with the frozen chicken-and-rice. I should do that more often. That'll mean cooking every now and then, but that's a very simple recipe that works like crazy-good, and freezes well.

Rice (at least 1 cup)
Frozen or fresh chicken breasts (at least 4, to fit pan)
Chicken broth or bullion cubes
Water (if broth, can be omitted)
Garlic (powder)
Onion (powder)
Potatoes (optional)

Wide 2" deep pan
something to baste with
something to flip with
Foil or something to cover pan with (optional)

Lay down a bottom layer of rice. Lay chicken on top of rice. Sprinkle spices on top of chicken to taste. Add potatoes if you're doing that. Fill in the cracks with rice. Add broth or water/boullion combination until rice is pretty much covered.

Cook at 350°F until chicken and rice are both done. Baste periodically if you haven't covered it. Check for "done" in chicken by making sure its juices are clear and it's not pink. (I'll settle for overdone chicken over even the slightest hint of raw.) Rice will have disintegrated and soaked up chicken broth.

Freeze everything you're not going to eat within the next few days. Everything except the potatoes will reheat perfectly.

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