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Since I live in a different part of the apartment complex, I get a different bunch of neighbors! These are some of the notable ones. I'll add to this periodically.

Thomas's "Mom": The old lady who coughs at night who lives next door to us on the one side has a fluffy black cat named Thomas.

Thomas: The cat of the lady next door. He's got white bits, I think a clerical collar and gloves. He's mostly an outdoor cat, but is groomed and looks reasonably well-fed. He lounges by the door, and gets up and runs to get out of your way, but invariably goes in the direction that you're going. He will turn around, look at you, and hiss, because he doesn't like being disturbed.

The Old Man with the Dog: A large elderly man in a wheelchair who is often seen walking a little round dog with one of those ugly smashed-in-looking faces. He lives down thattaway. He and the dog both wander slowly.

The Old Lady with the Dog: His wife, who is more mobile. She uses a walker and she is bent nearly horizontal as she walks the dog.

Random People in the Pool: Since we live right by the pool, that's what we get.

digitalambience: He and his wife and their kid moved back to this apartment complex after the old management left and the Redheaded Maintenance Witch took over. He's still here. I don't know where the wife and kid are these days.

Cellphone Evangelical Geek: A balding plump geekboy who's forever on his cellphone. He attempted to give me a tract with a transparent "ha ha this is cute look at it". That did not go over well. He occasionally invites me to church functions; I decline. He and digitalambience and I had a memorable geeking session while waiting for laundry once.

The Smoking Man: Old man with a hat who's usually out smoking when I'm walking to or from work. We greet each other and have small talk.

The Bike-Chick with the scarf: A friendly person who I think is an art student. I think she either does pizza delivery or security or something.

There are assorted families with assorted kids.

The Biker: Older man with a conservative-looking haircut. He's down toward the office, but I still walk past the apartment. He's notable for smoking shirtless on his balcony. There are artificial owls put on some of the balconies to scare away the pigeons. His has a bandanna on.

Unkempt Bearded Wheelchair Guy: A lonely man of a certain age down near the office. He does not smell good. The one time, he was having chest pains and there were cops and medics, and it seemed to be mostly that he was totally freaking out.

The Blond Ladies: There's a lady with very stringy permed blond hair. She smokes. She appears to have a daughter or something, because the other woman is younger and looks like a mousier version of her.

The Shoe Family: An otherwise unremarkable family who has a row of shoes on the walkway in front of their apartment. If the family involves teenage boys, I do not at all blame them for not having Shoes of Stank inside.

The Leafblower Guys: They don't live here, but they're here regularly every week a few times, blowing leaves around and keeping up the grounds.

The People with the Car Alarm: Across the street, there is an oversensitive car alarm. A motorcycle driving past will set it off.

The Loud Partiers: Every now and then, there's a loud party across the street too.

Sidewalk Walkers: Why do people feel the need to shout at each other, or to themselves, when they walk down the sidewalk in the small hours of the morning?

Former neighbors include:

The Crazy Lady Downstairs and Thattaway: Paranoid. Not entirely in touch with reality. Huge German Shepherd in small apartment. Very chatty and social. Up at all hours. Was curious about me wearing black all the time.

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