Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Yay, pizza.

So when I shuffled into work, there was chaos/panic/disorder. Things have been bizarre this month, and as a result a whole gang of people got shanghaied onto $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. After poking at my e-mail briefly, I, or, er, "Michelle Zorro" (the random tester-account is "Mike Zorro", and since my own login got deleted when I got promoted, I'm Mike when I'm on the phones) went forth and called people.

The survey involves talking to teens. One elderly lady thought we were selling something. (Selling teens?) One troll wanted to know if I wore leather and carried a whip. I was very boggled until I realized that he was making reference to my damn name. He played with me for a few minutes, interrupting me, and then hung up on me after saying he wasn't going to. I laughed extensively after the line disconnected.

Then there was the guy who sounded 30 or 40, who claimed he was twelve, and when I asked to speak to a parent, he said that the parents were "partying their asses off." I made judicious use of the mute button, he burst out laughing, and I unmuted and blew a raspberry.

hcolleen, upon hearing this, wanted to know (between giggles) what kind of role model I was, anyway.

"A poor one!" I chirped.

Some guy went on and on and on for a good minute on how it was stupid to call and ask for people's opinions, because they were only opinions, and it's useless because opinions are opinions.

My major creative work of the day was a depiction of "the Wave" -- a seven-stage graduated process of attempting to get a supervisor's attention.

We were supposed to get 110 interviews on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB before 8:30 pm. We got 114. Management was impressed, and sprang for pizza for the supervisors. So instead of bugging out early, I stayed, cussed at the database, helped run end of shifts and edit, and had pizza. Yay, pizza.

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