Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Lazy Thursday

Pornolizer is boggling. I knew this already without metaquotes to remind me, but it was nice cheap amusement.

Answering support requests is crack. There are so many, and so few I'm qualified to answer, but it is addictive to look for the ones that I can answer and then answer them.

I really do need one day a week of pure downtime. No work, no errands, no meetings, just a day for me to stay in bed as long as I want and hide from the outside world. (hcolleen does not count as "outside world", as she's living with me.)

I was supposed to go in to see Turbo about my machine, but that did not happen. Ah well. I will some other time, preferably early in the morning. Or else I will just bring in the spare bloody drive and let him hang on to it for as long as needed.

I finished re-reading The Dragon Waiting. I didn't like it the first time because I didn't understand it. My mind was far too young to embrace the subtleties of it all. I liked it better the second time. I am in utter awe the third time. I think it's the third time. I'm still absorbing it. I have now the faith that it will continue to improve the more I read it.

I have discovered that the best remedy for that spindizzy "I have been inside all day and I know I should eat something but nothing appeals" is fruit. And in a pinch, frozen berries will do. I like to buy frozen berries because they are nice and cold and do not suffer too horribly if slightly thawed on the way home, and can be used to pack around things that will suffer from unfreezing.

Dear Author of WIP I'm Reading,
Unless something really funky is going on, "taking a break from fandom during the winter months" should not equal "all my stories disappear from the face of the 'net while I am Out". I was enjoying that story and hadn't had a chance to catch up with the last few updates.
Hope whatever the fuck is going on clears up,
Miss Lunatic

Dear LJ,
I know Schools has Hogwarts. Does Schools have the Jedi Academy? More to the point, does Schools have the Sith Academy? ...and Macdonald Hall?

I have been meaning to try my convertible bed in couch mode. This will mean some Mattress Follies while I get it that way. Also, there are rocks under it.

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