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Azure Jane Lunatic

Bits of random.

Futura Condensed Medium Bold is the font I want if I want to PiRATE the LJ logo accurately.

hcolleen: by the way, the pocky and other random things that were still in that bag are now in the cupboard over the dishwasher, not out on the porch in the rain. It made sense in the random putting-away-of-things.

Melted white chocolate in hot chocolate is made out of win.

The conversation Wednesday night that included the idea of me wearing white being absolutely wrong was expanded to include colors like this. That pair of underwear is going to provide so very much wrong amusement to everyone who doesn't want to think about me wearing it.

Ahh, lizard vs. cat.

pauamma has inadvertently set me on a Buster Keaton spree.

Have discovered that the key to safely eating popcorn near the computer is to treat it like cereal, and use a spoon. This prevents fingers from contamination. I seem to remember that the last time I mentioned this gleeful discovery, someone linked me to some popcorn utensil or other, which was pretty spiffy, but the sort of thing that would languish unused in a drawer in my household.

I have a presentation to give on Saturday.

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