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Azure Jane Lunatic

Little things that win, and little things that lose.

Little unexpected honesties get surprised out of me. Who would have thought that a defensive and closed-off man would teach me that I was being a prejudiced prick, and instruct me by example in opening my mind and my heart?

The moment when someone realizes that they've got to do what they're about to do because they've already done it makes all the hairs on my body stand on end. I'm re-reading Draco Sinister, and it doesn't make me cry like the similar scene in the Pern books, but hair very much on end.

It always surprises me when people who are known for being stroppy trolls are unusually tactful. I still have the urge to tell them that if they're leaving so much, they should go ahead and, you know, leave. Sometimes it feels like they took any helpful-answering-questions skillz they might have had and turned them to the service of stirring up malcontent.

Today had a number of different elements. I eventually did get to work (I practice the work-limited-hours-on-my-days-off thing for great justice on days when I feel like it) and uploaded some things and got other things ready to upload. Then I went and gave plasma, after which I went and played at Bookmans. They wanted three of the used books I had. Glee! They have a cool trade-in system: you can trade in your stuff for "A Trade" credits, "B Trade" credits, or cash. Cash you get the least dollar amount for. "A Trade" you get more, and you can trade in your credit for things like videos. "B Trade" you get the most, and that's good on books and a number of other things. I, being a bibliophile, chose option B. Their standard trade-in option for B Trade is half the dollar amount they plan to sell the book for. (Gullivers only does a quarter.)

I found myself a fun-looking book while I was waiting for the trade. The trade amount was $3 -- not at all bad for three books! The book I was considering was $3.50. I got to the cash registers in time to overhear a rousing conversation about how one is supposed to find one's true calling in life. The register dude looked at my credit slip and looked at the book price and told me to not worry about the $0.50 -- he had it.

And then the register said something very funny as he went to finalize the transaction. I did not know this, but evidently Bookmans has a bit of a shopping lottery. I don't know whether it's random or whether it's every X number of purchases, but every now and then someone gets their entire transaction completely free. It would have been more of an "OMFG JACKPOT!!" moment if it had been more than the one book, but as it was, it was enough to get me giddily excited and want to switch all my first-resort book shopping to there, in case it happens to me again. (This is how a gambling addiction gets started, except at least this is books.)

I went to Sprouts after that, got a little more random fruit and some sunflower seeds, then spent a happy 40 minutes in the parking lot reading the latest trashy novel in the "I read, then I dump" queue. It's a spy novel, The Talbot Odyessy. I realize after poking through all the intrigue that I just do not have a head for being a proper secret, double, and triple agent. I have neither the paranoia, the memory, nor the acting ability.

I demonstrated my "I just want to kill people" face last night for trystan_laryssa, and she was able to spot it as a ringer right away. To someone who doesn't know me or my face, it might pass. My face is almost perfectly blank, with what she reported as a little bit of tension around the mouth. But to someone who is familiar with what I look like, it won't do at all. My face is too animated otherwise, and that is far too still. It can't pass for exhaustion, either, because there's still that palpable tension to it.

...and omg, why is my disk access light on so much right now? I'm going to reboot sometime this week as per the usual, and I am hoping like a whole lot of things that this does not indicate another dead hard drive. Because that would be so lousy. It is probably just that I have been using the Comment Unfolder and Acrobat a whole lot with large amounts of stuff lately, and I don't trust either of those to be non-memory-hog. Is there anything that will cause firefox to lose focus at random? Because I have been getting that all day long.

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