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Gay rights, the remix

Yes, it's going around. Yes, I support all humans having basic human rights, and I think that marriage, or at least entering into a legally binding marriage-type contract with other consenting adults, is one of those things. The thing that concerns me in the whole gay marriage morass is the language that's being quietly put into law in the US states that are taking it up to question -- that not only is same-sex marriage not allowed, but legal horsing around to make a contractual equivalent to marriage for same-sex partners is not allowed. That's immensely worrisome.

I'm not going to paste the text blindly, because that's not how I am. elorie, being also not like that, commented: 'I imagine [a world] in which the most important question about a couple who wish to get married is "are they ready for this?", not "is there one of each?" ' I have to agree with that. I also have to agree with amberite: "If you truly believe in gay rights, then say something when our rights are infringed upon. ... If you don't believe in human rights for queer people, and you really, truly want to show it, then just drop all the queer people from your friends list. (That includes me, by the way, and probably a big bunch of others.) "

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