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Cast of Characters (partially updated)

People you're likely to see me mention in these LJ entries! Whee! I give everyone a nickname, because I don't want to call them by their actual names, both in case they're not comfortable with that, and for plausible deniability and so my co-workers won't find themselves on Google if they're looking. If they don't have LJs, or if I wouldn't think that they'd need to find themselves here, I make up a name for them.

Really Close People:

Darkside: My best friend in the entire universe. We met in 2000 in college and have been close ever since. I have been madly in love with him since his idiot classmate triggered off an ill-advised love spell in my direction. After I recovered from that, I realized that I did have a genuine attraction for him, and he gained my trust. I've started courting him with all the enthusiasm and intensity of Miles Vorkosigan in pursuit of Ekaterin Vorvayne Vorsoisson.

The Redhead, aka hcolleen: My most excellent roommate! She is one of my writer-ladies, and when she needed to move, I had living room space.


Snarky Lady: One of my fellow supervisors at work, the head of the training department. She was a monitor when I came in, and has been progressing upward since. She is Geekier than I, and we're working together on the database project at the moment. Despite how we may sound to an outsider passing the room to hear us yelling at each other, we get along famously, it's just that we're a little overexcited.

Management: She doesn't quite run the building, but she does run Field and a whole lot of things behind the scenes. I'm reporting directly to her for the duration of the database. Before that, the duration of the disk entry project. She loves my sense of humor, and doesn't like incompetence. She has Dilbert, Animaniacs, random silliness all over her office.

My Team:

Grandma Cinderella: The manager of my team. She's my direct supervisor. She has children and grandchildren, single and preferring it that way. She's tired and cranky and smokes like a chimney and we love her.

Ponytail Dave: The next-seniormost phone-goon-pulled-to-supervise on my team, the senior supervisor in my absence from the team. He is utterly hot, has thick black hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, and has random family business over the border that calls him away every now and then.

Sweetheart Supervisor: Actually, she's a bit brusque around the edges. She shares her candy with people.

Homie G Jr.: I swear, he could be Homie G a few years younger. Except he's got a kid on the way.

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