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*snerk* Stupid columnist.

Last year:
Welcome to the Workplace:
A thinly disguised workplace. A thinly disguised heroine. A thinly disguised cast of supporting characters. A thinly disguised excuse for a plot. A whole lot of crackfic.

This year:
Circle of Fire
Geekboys. Witches. Intrigue. Romance. Daemonology gone horribly wrong.

To US Military Personnel, from Making Light, on the topic of illegal orders, and the Geneva Convention. Be righteous, be honorable, be brave. It takes blind anger and instinct to defend oneself against immediate attack. It takes loyalty and courage to place oneself between one's own and one's own's enemies. It takes true honor to stand against one's own to preserve what you know in your heart to be right.

My weapon is words. That's how I fight. What's the process for sending care packages overseas for Any Soldier? That commentary on illegal orders, with a personal note, could perhaps serve as a reminder that over here, we do still care. The US wants to have the moral high ground. The US can therefore not afford to authorize torture. Remember, it's "you're too honorable to do that", not "don't do that -- shame on those who do".

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