Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Tales from the call center

The geeks are going to be doing something with the
system involving a global IP addressing scheme change.
It's planned to start Saturday afternoon. It is
planned to be over Sunday morning. There is not enough
time for a cushion in case of disaster. Therefore, I
plot pastries.

The phrasing "I'll deal with you tomorrow" is not the
most reassuring, especially as my attendance has been
shaky. At least I am, you know, here. Hi,
Obso1337 Super, nice to see you too.

Saturday afternoon out early, due to aforementioned IT
construction work.

No meeting with Pink Shirt Guy today, because my
schedule was so jacked up. Monday, then, I think.

The air out there says something very vital to me. The
air and the humidity and the temperature and the moon.
Oh gods but do I need to see the bondmate, and soon.
Saturday, I hope. I hope. I'll take a few moments and
call a little later.

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