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Double shift

There is a virtual pair of shorts in the computer that developed a disk read error. I consulted with Turbo before attempting to pull a BVD Drive joke, because he said that while he's down with pranks, he needs to know about them. Of course, this rather cramps one's style when one has to OK one's pranks with the person who will be the recipient of said pranks.

But I asked anyway. "If I were to be pulling a random weird prank..."
"Don't!!! ...I remember your first prank on me."
"But that wasn't even on you!"

So instead of an actual pair of Batman boxers in the random machine with the persistent disk read error, there is a piece of paper with an efw-style drawing of a pair of polka-dotted boxers and a description of the prank that would have been if he'd cleared it.

Did I mention that Turbo was still here? The geeks were gone by the time I got in with the treats, but when the remote login failed authentication, Turbo came back. And then there were the run-time errors all over the building that demanded personal adjustment. He came back in by 8am and was here until 6pm. Poor guy.

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