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"That's really awesome. You did a horrific job.";f=120;t=13827 -- outlining 101.
There is now a note_to_husband, for those who have 'em. -- desk looks crazy uncomfortable, but the idea is reasonably worthy. -- Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager. (I'm sending this one to Darkside.) -- through vaccinations untold...

Still needed to do: tell the tale of the pool incident, work harder on the hissstorical fic, and then write "Come Summer". All in November. I can do it.

My foot is feeling a lot better. This day of general rest and random ibuprofen has done a lot. I woke up on Sunday feeling like something had exploded near my foot, but nothing that I knew of had happened. Upon examination, everything seemed intact, just bruised a lot. As Monday is my day off, I made with the horizontal or at least the in bed until it was time to go give plasma, which was more horizontal. Then I cautiously attempted some shopping with ibuprofen, and that went reasonably well. I can now almost walk without limping. I suspect that there was a lot of inflammation that was flaming away merrily, and only getting itself worse because it hurt so much.

Because I have been on a cooking kick ... well, that's not quite accurate.

One of the items on my to-do list was to rotate a shelf. It was leaning in one direction, when it ought to have been leaning in the other. This was due in large part to the fact that my liquor cabinet was up on the top shelf of this shaky free-standing wooden shelf. Everything was offloaded, the heavy stuff was moved to the bottom, and life became better. I noticed, however, that there was expired stuff, and stuff that was about to expire. This meant that the expired stuff got tossed, and the about to expire stuff is going in creative cookery this month.

Mushroom soup was on the list, so that means mushroom soup and rice stuff. Mama usually does that with meat, but the only random meat I had on hand that I could think of was the oversalted very very dry beef jerky in the bottom of the refrigerator. That turned out to be perfect in context. I had thought to freeze lunch-size containers of it, but I've been un-freezing them at a rate that suggests that I could have skipped the freezing part. I cooked that on Saturday.

And since this brief foray into domesticity is an inspiration, though an inspiration to what, we're not sure, I baked bread tonight. Bread is a good thing. Except we lack a serrated bread knife. Alas. Though I can fix that at some point like Wednesday-ish, or maybe Tuesday-ish if I get up enough before work to visit the dollar store and acquire same.

I have "Rocky Raccoon" stuck in my head, and a corresponding desire to name some random character "Nancy McGill" to see who would get it.
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