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Notifications and Serial Adder Promotion Bots: I complain to abuse@

The now-deleted journal su_auto_pr was a robot serial adder, with one comments-disabled entry and a link in the profile to the community su_auto, a Russian-language car community of some sort. (Alas, my Russian is limited to "da" and "nyet", and never mind reading it.)

With the advent of ESN, and in the event the hapless end-user has notifications upon befriending enabled, there is a totally unwanted message sent in the event of a random robot serial adder attempting to promote something, or just make things generally more surreal.

I know that journals who have already been banned won't have the notification show up, but I don't think that promotion journals should be allowed to get away with this anymore.

I complained to all five maintainers of the community that was being promoted. My conversation ( with one of the maintainers of the advertised community went approximately as follows:

Me: "Spam bad! Your bot spam!"
Him: "You can ban it. No problems."
Me: "Notifications! Spam! Bad!"

The offending promotion journal was deleted after this exchange, so yay, but I'd like a clarification on whether this will be allowed to continue in the future. Feel free to take as long as you'd like to debate the issue; I just want a nice equitable solution that allows for random individuals to add for legitimate reasons, but disallows blatant spamming of the sort that passes as "promotion" on places like My$pace.

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