Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Couchy Catswinger

My bed is a futon frame that's ordinarily topped with a rather boggling confection of bedding. Last night I decided to try it in couch mode for the first time ever.

First impression: "My futon needs some \/1@g|2a." The futon, after gods know how many years of use and abuse, slumps down the frame in the same way that the average geek cannot be persuaded to sit up straight while geeking out on the computer.

But. OMG. Couch. It's a cozy piece of furniture, and it has many useful uses, one of them being the courtship of the easily-unsettleable geekboy. Geekboy is not so comfortable about sitting on My Bed with me, though he's fine with me curled up very next to him on His Bed.

I slept on it last night as Couch, because I was not about to go through the hassle of putting it back to Bed. And, yay. One of the things I grew up preferring is being able to sleep in the corner against the wall, except the wall has to be padded. The search for this in regular-bedding involves a lot of pillows. There's something like an explosion going on around the couch now. The couch itself fulfilled that need of mine in sleep very, very nicely.

Yay, couch.

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