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Slept in most happily.
Woke up.
Went out for sushi with the roommate.
Got there early; spent some time in neighboring fabric store. My domestic instincts have gone "Wooo!!" but I failed to cave to the lure of fabrics, mostly because by that time we'd spent the 15 minutes or so and the sushi place was now open.
Mmm, sushi.
hcolleen voiced a very valid concern/idea about gamer data gathering in network-enabled gaming consoles. Somehow, this developed into me realizing what the driving plot of "Circle of Fire" has to be. It's now planned to be a supernatural techno-thriller with a romantic sub-plot. This, somewhat scarily, takes it out of the "safe" category of romance. Woops. Also, whether that was octopus or squid or what, it was kind of icky. I don't like fish eggs either. I loooooooove salmon. (Figures, for an Alaskan girl.) I saved my salmon for last, and made happy noises.
Came back, watched Episode 4 of Bleach, then I got started on Death Note while she went to bed.
After that, I went out and got myself The Sharing Knife: Beguilement, as Herself is still on my buy-on-sight list.
This time, Bookmans did not want any of my used books, so the lot can hit the laundry room.
I wandered into Sprouts next, and ran into chas_. We BS-ed and really must figure out a good time to hang out again. Also, their family unit should be introduced to trystan_laryssa and dustraven.
Sprouts had Bosc pears on sale for three pounds for a dollar. Thus, my fruit run was really quite cheap. I've been poking about at the seasonal fruits to get the most for my money, and I like pears.
(What do you get when you throw an underripe fruit so hard at a hard drive that all the 1s turn to 0s? A pearity error.)
After that, I hit the Place of Great Evil for soup and glue. Soup, glue, part of a bathing suit, looking at skirts, a bread knife, random notebook/notecards for the nano project, and a Halloween costume piece! Glee!
Now, bedtime. Or something.

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