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Incoherent, plus lemming.

List seven songs you are listening to right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions on your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to. Except for the part where I don't particularly keep these kinds of games actively going along, just if anyone cares to share, that would be so groovy.

"Aka to Kuro" -- a random song that hcolleen has. It's in Japanese, and the music hits you like an oncoming train and doesn't let up until it's done. I adore this song and will happily listen to it repeat for an hour, especially when I'm attempting to sing along to it. I have the transliterated lyrics and the translation printed out.

"Good Idea at the Time" by OK Go -- a delightful reformat of "Sympathy for the Devil". It very aptly sums up a lot of what life with Shawn was like in high school, so it has deep meaning for me.

"Anti Hero": Rin' and Lisa Loeb from Tranquil Sea -- another thing from hcolleen, and something about it hit me just right.

"Tonight We Fly" -- some random person in a random character mix tape community shared that one on a Marauders mix, and it fit another little piece of inside me. "If heaven doesn't exist / what will we have missed / this life is the best we've ever had?"

"Revolution" from the Beatles has been in my head over the past few hours. At least, I think that's it. I hear the tune, I hear the word "revolution", but that's all I'm getting.

"Joy" -- some random choir song from way back when. It's one of my default happy-songs, and I'm very happy right now.

"Oh L'Amour", Erasure -- CTY Canon. Even though it wasn't my canon, then, it speaks of teenage happiness and summer and lawns and all sorts of crazy foolishness as well as love. I seem to live my life marking time from love to love, and spilling out poetry and the radiant other end of compersion when things are going well. I feel for people whose compersion receptors are broken or warped. It's horrible to be so alone that instead of feeling compersion when people are happy-in-love, you feel all your loneliness doubled and tripled in the comparison to the love you see. Been there. Don't want to be there again.

Phrases that will make my eyes get all wet: "Can't stop the signal." I haven't even seen the series, just the movie. That phrase and concept embody something very deep and potent that I hold true.
Bizarre guerrilla evasion techniques!
Expressing abhorrent ideas should still be protected, even if they're really really icky.
Foley + Python = insanity. While gawking at the horror, though, remember that the Geneva Convention isn't just pretend, as much as some people would like to think it is.

Guide Dog Aunt's poodle flunked out, so she's taking him back. I e-mailed her, in question of her general sanity. hcolleen: "There's a reason poodles aren't used as guide dogs." Me: "He was a pilot poodle. ... ... I would not want to see that poodle flying a plane."

I'm too hyper to go to sleep right now, which is a shame, as I really could be using some sleep right about now. It's come to the forefront of my attention that when this lateral transfer goes through, I will be a secretary, which is wonderfully hilarious, because that was my dream job when I was a kid. I'd learned that the people with the real power in the organization were the secretaries, through Dad, and so I wanted to have the power, and I wanted to run things, but not necessarily be the one totally in charge. Tay-Tay and I played office, though our version of "office" was more a business empire with aspirations to become a mad engineer's castle. There was a light rail system in the caves connecting the various parts of the office. I had a very clear idea of how it worked. It involved an ingenious system of upright pegs that the car operator would lasso and pull on in order to move the rail car; the car was raised in the middle to allow the pegs to pass underneath it.

I can hardly think of specific songs I'm liking because there's this lightness inside me, this effervescent joy, that contains all the joyful music I know, all mixed together defying any tune dominance.

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