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Rants & rambles; sex, marriage, and "defense" of heterosexual marriage

Imagine what would have happened were Miles born a Vorrutyer in full blood.

Dear "Marriage is for heterosexual unions only" advocates,
Outlawing same-sex legal unions from being called "marriage" will not stop same-sex unions from forming. Outlawing same-sex unions from having any legal status other than friends -- again, it will not stop same-sex unions from forming. Outlawing same-sex marriages will not do anything to drop the opposite-sex divorce rate. Similarly, it will not drop the rate of opposite-sex couples who do not have the necessary psychological stuff to stay together from getting married. My dears, what do you imagine it would do, aside from make you look rather crude in the eyes of modern civilization? Do you imagine that gays and bisexuals of an inclination to form a permanent partnership would look around and say, "Well, I can't get married to someone of the same sex, but I want to get married, so I'll have to go for someone of the opposite sex?" Granted, it might sway a marriage-minded bisexual. But someone completely homosexual, someone who's a bloody Kinsey 6 -- if they get married to a heterosexual of the opposite sex, that's a recipe for divorce, possibly even a bitter divorce with tears and legal screaming and traumatized children, if they even managed to get it into the bedroom. It's not a recipe for a happy family with children, Mr. Card.
Look to the fucking stick in your own god-damned eye. Stop campaigning against same-sex marriages and put some of that money into actually saving heterosexual marriages. What causes troubled marriages in this day and age? Getting married because she got knocked up is one reason. How about effective sex education? That is to say, "Please don't, but if you have to, this is how to avoid having a child before you're ready or getting a disease." That's what my parents believed in, and you know? I've never been divorced, I still don't have children, and I've never been forced into that dreadfully lamentable place where you're choosing between being able to keep a roof over your own head or bearing an unwanted child. Teenagers fuck, my friends. There are some who don't, and some who get married very young, but once puberty hits and there's an agreeable and "oh goodness my pants are heart is on fire" someone willing to partner up for the horizontal tango, unless the teenager is possessed of an unusually strong sense of restraint, it will happen.
The question of how to convince teenagers to keep it in their pants is an age-old one, and there's no real one true way that works. There are lots of different ways that don't work, though!

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