Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


25 minutes of happy chatter and contented silence with the bondmate, immediately upon departing work. I was left with a solid surety of the bond, after I teased him gently about his communications skills, he got a touch defensive about never having claimed to have good ones, and me reassuring him with the quiet gravity of soul-deep truth that I know and I don't mind; that's why I make a point of keeping communications open for the both of us.

I got him up to date with the workplace gossip (oh, what a clear thinker that co-worker of mine is! Thinking with which head now?) and expressed shock and glee over the whole ten-to-five Monday-Friday work week thing.

I do need to pick up a copy of the memo that has the job posting on it. I quite honestly might have thought it a bit out of my range, but evidently someone thinks it's a great written portrait of my applicable skills.

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