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This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

I woke up, late and well-rested. I played around online for a while, then called to find that Darkside was out running errands. I went and gave plasma, then went to IKEA.

Ikea is always fun.

I determined that a replacement futon set is cheaper than I thought it would be, and sturdier too. I decided on getting the mattress first, as that was the number one vital part from the other one that completely needed an upgrade. This old one looks to be a sturdy case of dense random fiber stuffing. It will not sit up straight in couch mode. I love it for setting on top of a beat-up mattress that has problems with pokiness -- it's dense and will mask most irregularities below it. But it is not good for masking the slats of the standard-issue frame, and is not good for standing up straight or telling the truth.

The other thing I planned to get was a potato masher. This way, the gourd-awful mess incident will be less likely to repeat itself.

I discovered something truly wonderful and scary. For $0.99, there are strings of LEDs on a battery pack. They're in so many different colors. I got two packs, one in colorless and one in blue. I have cunning plans to do strange and scary things with my hair. (Upon examination now that I have them home, they're incandescent bulbs. Small, round, incandescent bulbs, but still incandescent. Alas! But they still look wicked cool, and I can still string them in my hair.)

Handsfree cellphoning is an excellent thing. I called Darkside as I was driving home. There was puntastic cheer exchanged, and we made an appointment for Death Note tomorrow at his place. ♥ He sounded happy to hear from me. Silly boy should get more sleep, though.

I didn't go directly home. I went to Sprouts. As I was looking over random fruits, there was a disturbance near the front of the store. Some random teenage-type people had come in, picked up gallon jugs of water, and were performing "I'm a Little Teapot." A merry game of tag around some shelves followed, and then as quickly and unexpectedly as they had come in, they departed. Surreal and worthy of salute!

Upon getting home, I examined the problematical bed, upending it a bit in order to see what was up. Unfortunately, the problem was beyond my fixing, as it involved some ripped-out screws in addition to the poor glue job. An intricate dance followed, the dance of attempting to disassemble the remains of the bed while not having the mattress leaning up against the wall fall down all on top of all the proceedings, and then the dance of getting the foldy-frame (broken) away from the deck-parts (not broken, just no longer supported) without dropping anything, hurting myself, or waking the roommate. It was exciting and I cursed gravity a few times in there.

I started mapping out in my head the "rules" of this particular game. There was gravity, certain objects made noise when handled in certain ways, and noise above a certain level was unacceptable, one could only use so many different points of contact with all the objects within a certain area, and there were certain obstacles. This managed to entertain me all the way out the door with the thing, fortunately, otherwise there would have been extensive swearing, especially at the moment when I was engaged in holding the folding deck and the mattress up against the wall with my behind, shoving the frame around with hands and arms and feet, trying to use the frame (which by this point was disconnected from itself, flopping, and had jagged edges here and there) to shove my yoga-ball computer chair out of the way, and attempting to get the frame clear of the deck so I could let the deck down gently without hurting myself or making noise. Then there was the part where I was trying to get the frame through the low little hallway. That was great fun, especially with the coat tree.

I did dishes and started bread. The bread might not quite be ready in time for hcolleen to have it for breakfast, though. Alas. And I did laundry. Yay, laundry.

I have Don McLean in my head. Hooray for earworms! But "Vincent" makes me happy, so it's a good earworm to have.

I re-read The Sharing Knife: Beguilement while at the plasma place, and I have to say that it's good the second time through as well. hcolleen, you've got 1st dibs on borrowing it to read; othercat has dibs after you.

I'm all cheerful about the appointment tomorrow. It is a good thing to have a best friend.

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