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Or maybe I won't become a gamer.

I remember the guys playing King of Fighters way back when. After his ancient DVD player refused to play the Death Note burned DVD (don't worry, hcolleen, it was because his is ancient and not because you did something wrong) he broke out "King of Fighters" and handed me the other controller. (He did ask permission first, which was wise.) We spent a gigglesome amount of time with him mostly beating the pants off me.

His father announced lunch. Yay, lunch.

Darkside came up with the cunning plan of watching the recorded Dr. Who episode. So while he was backing up through the half-watched episode, I slipped off to the restroom.

I noticed, as one casually notices these things, that Darkside had not been doing his "swish and swipe" (the Flylady-approved daily swirl of the brush around the toilet bowl and a quick wipe-down of any exposed surfaces that might gather dust/hair/random dirt) -- there was a little water-ring in the bowl somewhat above the current water line, and the bathtub desperately needed some cleaning. (His mom is the one who nags him about housecleaning. I swear I'm including these details for a reason, and that reason is not to pick on his housekeeping skills.) If only I had paid attention to my senses, I would have known what was coming. Alas, I was about to find out.

When I flushed, the water level shot straight up to the top and stayed there. Foolishly, I did not mention this to Darkside, thinking that the water level would go down bit by bit, and all would be well.

All was not well. Darkside zipped in to the restroom as I settled myself down in front of Dr. Who, and chaos ensued. Darkside's mom was called into the fray; she called for towels. Towels ensued. It was highly fortunate that all of the substances involved were non-solid, or it would have been a real mess (as opposed to the somewhat imaginary mess?). Despite my general lack of contribution to the clog, whatever it was, I am certain to be teased about this until Darkside gets tired of teasing me about it. I attempted to establish my innocence in contributing to the clog; Darkside interrupted me; I counter-interrupted him and firmly took my floor back (see? Spine!) and when Geezius Maximus finally did prevail with the plunger, there was nothing that should have made the thing clog. I was vindicated; Lady Malfoy started in what's obviously a long-running complaint about low-flow toilet models leading to flushing twice as much and not getting half the job done, versus old high-flow effective water pressure models.

Ability to take teasing as well as dish it out is required for even guest membership in the family.

Dr. Who was good. We did watch the whole episode, finally. This is the first episode of Dr. Who that I've seen. Like, ever. It was "The Girl in the Fireplace", and I'm glad to note that the BBC rates it as "Very Scary"; I certainly jumped and shrieked a few times. And, OMG, I want to do my hair like that. I think I'll see if I can come back and watch more with him.

We returned to his room for more gaming; we quit after my thumb started getting very sore. He dug through the safe parts of his anime collection and came up with Fatal Fury, and there was giggling and wry commentary and much fun. hcolleen's little random bits of language lesson are starting to settle in: Lily used the word "kimi" when inviting whoever caught the rose on a night on the town with her; I raised an eyebrow and thought about how much of a refined lady she therefore wasn't. Ahh, word choice defining the character! There was also coziness, as Darkside and I were watching together on his bed. And it seems that ever since we started this habit, we've gotten more comfortable with each other, since instead of carefully keeping a safe distance between us as we did at the beginning, we were in physical contact pretty much all day long except when we were out in the living room. We were just lying there, arm against arm, but when he shifted to get more comfortable, he shifted into more contact, rather than less. It wasn't blazing sparks; it wasn't heavy electricity; when his mom barged in to announce that Stephen Hawking was going to be on at 6 talking about something, there was no sudden jump apart. It was much a piece with the inevitability I felt last Sunday.

We finished up the movie (it was the thing with two shorter parts, not the longer one) and I was getting ready to go. As I collected the DVD and began waving it around, he expressed pity about the not being able to watch it. "Well, did you try on the computer?" his mom asked.

We hadn't. We went for the computer room. Darkside realized that the portable player had been an option too, and ran off to collect it. His mom also mentioned the living room DVD player. And lo and behold, the disc worked on the portable player. Darkside hadn't thought of either of those. He had a more modern DVD player in his room, but it was nonfunctional due to a bad settings lockup. (When you set your DVD player to something that won't display, how do you reset it when you can't see what you're doing?) "Baka!" I said, and teased him some.

Then I went home, after collecting my hug. Mmm, hugs. He didn't appreciate the Chad Vader as much as I thought he might. Ah well. I'll find more people who appreciate that kind of crackfilm.

Tay-Tay was finally there when I called. Yay, Tay-Tay! We had a good long old gossip about stuff and things. I advised her that really, she should invite Aunt-Fayoumis to crash with her, should Aunt-Fayoumis be coming through the area; Tay-Tay and Aunt-Fayoumis have very similar dispositions and should get along just fine.

Now that I'm home, I'm realizing that I'm going to pay for the gaming. My wrists hurt in that way that they do when I've overdone something with my hands. I'll not be doing that again any time soon. Also, if one could make the appliance with a load selector, like they do for laundry, that would so totally save water.

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