Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Notes from Oct 8th

Written on the side of a seating chart:
Turbo still here.
[Pink Lady] wanting to know shouldn't I be bouncing off the walls by now? [Homie G] wanted to know where that comes from.
Scoville Scale fun.

That was my insane double shift night; I'd had most of a two-liter bottle of Dew by that point in the night. Homie G wanted to know where the expression "bouncing off the walls" came from. I explained by demonstrating how one acts when one is hyper. He grokked it.

We'd ordered wings. The two flavors were "Suicide" and "Zombie". Both were hot. One of them had peppers in the hot sauce, in addition to just the plain hot. Homie G wanted to know how you would go about measuring hot. I mentioned that it was called the Scoville Scale, and shared anecdotes about Dad and the habeñero peppers.

Good times. Pity I wasn't more, you know, awake for all that.

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