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Love ya, my p33ps.

10/27-ish random ramblings:
Dear LJ, Please not to be b0rked.
I go bed now. (This was last night. There have been some cluster-fuckings. They're attempting to unfuck them. F5 is your friend.)

DVD player != fruitz. But, he wonz a priez! At work! (Except this is like very in-the-past.) Bop on the head and call him baka, very gently. And he hugged me first.

It amuses me that there is a California Artichoke Advisory Board. Does Beta Colony have an Earring Advisory Department, I wonder? Related, I've always thought of Betan earrings as described by Kareen Koudelka as being somewhat like Celtic knotwork. I don't think much of the Artichoke Advisory Board's web design. It's certainly got a lot of time put into it, but I don't find it particularly attractive or friendly.

Pink Shirt Guy follows Pearls Before Swine.

What I did today: hung out on IRC with the gang, then went and gave plasma. Darkside was busy. Went grocery shopping, first without and then with the roommate. In between that, more internet, plus artichokes. I was exceptionally silly with the redhead, going on at some length about fruitz. We got the caffeine for the redhead. Then she went to bed and I did laundry. Darkside is at a party, lending sense to his statement about tomorrow's plans and awake/coherent status.

I got a random phone call while walking to the car in preparation for plasma. I'd already gotten a random political survey phone call a few minutes prior. But when this phone person identified herself as calling with, I was not prepared for my, "Oh, hi!" reaction, as if this person were a friend I'd been waiting to hear from.

There's still the NaNo party Sunday afternoon. I was planning on going, but time with Darkside does take priority. (Yes, there's only one kickoff party a year, but Darkside's time is so limited, and plus, would I rather be with a bunch of buddies I see weekly plus random semi-strangers, or my best friend in the universe who I get to see as time permits and it usually doesn't?)

Time change is imminent; those heathen areas that do that thing should beware & stuff. I wouldn't have to note this for myself, except work is affected, and my too-smart-for-its-own-good alarm clock, the bloody thing, thinks it has to change itself for the time change, and really it doesn't, and I can't figure out how to make it not.

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