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Random. says there's maintenance. Planned, announced-last-evening maintenance, that looks like it's going on for longer than they planned. So eh, don't panic. Assuming you can read this. But LJ staff is good peoples and should have this fairly well under control, although I'm certain there are foul words flying for every minute behind the scenes that things do not do like they're supposed to.

V has been e-mailing the group of us with updates from her daughter Kate. Kate is in Mexico, hanging out with the striking teachers. She's a veritable chip off the old block, and I haven't the foggiest whether this is nature or nurture or both.

At work on Friday, I spent a half-hour working with Pink Shirt Guy on the user interface of a spreadsheet I was making. OMG UI. SO MUCH UI.

Comment that I'm trying to post:
"They did reassure people that there were no plans to move the call centers (and therefore I guess probably no plans to move the immediate call center administrative staff) but oi!!
I'm trying to remember where I heard that India was starting to become more expensive, and that call centers were moving back to the places that they'd come from. "

Soon I go do plasma. Right now I'm read-only. (11:19 am)

I wonder if "cue" derives from "queue"? It probably does.

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