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... My roommate and I are talking about the upcoming meeting I have with a Big Boss tomorrow. We're talking about preparation for the meeting. "And I'm not even prepared one finger yet!" I said somewhat angstfully.

Meetings in general, the analogy is two fingers.

This is a meeting where I have to present my database to the Big Boss, who is far enough above me in the organizational structure that he is at least my great-grandboss, if not more. Technically, Grandma Cinderella is my boss, Pink Shirt Guy is a level above her but not directly related to me, his officemate is probably technically my grandboss, Management is probably my great-grandboss, the lady who got downsized is my great-great grandboss, and then the Big Cheese is my great-great-great grandboss. At least. If there aren't more layers in between.

This is at least a four-finger meeting.


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