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Vaguely threatening teases to co-workers!

figment0 sometimes is not Mr. #1 Social, because his views are approximately 90° from reality, which is good if you're a theoretical physicist or an accountant, but not always so good if you're interacting with your colleagues, unless they're looking at reality from the same direction.

He had managed to completely transparently BS in a rather insulting way to the sweet old lady who hands out gum, under the mistaken thought that it would encourage a healthy spirit of competition. Trader Joe's Queen Monitor called him on this. I'm fairly sure that everyone in the area called him on this.

I listened to the whole commentary, including the incomprehensible part where he tried explaining why he'd felt it was right to say what he'd said at the time, and weighed in.

"At the end of the day, Mr. $FIGMENT, I have a cup of coffee, and you're wearing pants."

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