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Oxygenated emergency "blood replacement" medicine trial! Wow, that sounds all kinds of medical awesome. Risky, duh, but medical awesome!
"What do you mean, 'revenue loss', you BS-artists?"
The Register on Rumsfeld

Once upon a time, boojum and I were having a random e-mail conversation involving fertility. She mentioned that the consistency of one's vaginal fluids are a good indication of fertility -- when the fluids are clear and stretchy like that clear and stretchy snot, then one is most fertile. "Does that mean one's mind is most fertile when one's snot is clear and stretchy like vaginal fluid?" I quipped. I was, of course, subject to the usual penalties for such a comment...

Work was nice. I worked on the usual spreadsheets in the morning, fixed some stuff that I'd screwed up a little later on, and was out of there by 2 because there was not enough for me to do and it was Friday and Friday is one of those days where you can bugger off early as long as stuff is done and you've a decent amount of hours in, which I had.

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