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A Love Note to Motorola

I came to your website to check out the specs on your Pebl phone. I wanted to see a picture of the phone and read about what it had to offer. I did not want what I got, which was a three minute load time and ad copy, here: [raw link]
And pop-ups and leaving the website in order to learn more about the damn thing? Good Lord! Is your web design team on crack, or is it the ad department? I Googled in and had to click on at least five different non-obvious things to get to the actual technical specifications here: [raw link]

This kind of nasty web user interface does not say good things about this company's presumed ability to design a good phone user interface. The fact that these things can be done with the web does not necessarily mean that they *should* be done. Please to get your ad department and/or web design team off the hard drugs and back to designing web pages that can be navigated easily and without waiting ten minutes to get to the content. Jesus.

This, apropos of checking out the phone that cmwinters was eyeing (it being green and silver, hee hee).

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