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A brouhaha, and Link Soup

Have fallen in love with Burt's Bees lip gloss, it being a Frivolous Purchase while at the drug store getting Real Actual Useful Stuff.

pauamma recommended some rules for writing for his friends who are doing NaNo; I must recommend them as well.

While driving home from the Organ Stop Pizza NaNo meetup, I delightedly realized that I no longer doubt my ability to write a full novel on demand. I'm no longer at the "Number Three" point. (For people who don't speak TMBG, that's "I've got two songs in me, and I just wrote the third!")

I wrote up the Incident With the Girl with the Cellphone in the Bathroom for sailor_jim, and I shall include it here, in slightly altered form, as most of you will recognize some repeating characters.
There's an enormous problem with people using their cellphones, to the point of making personal calls from their booths when they're supposed to be on surveys. If one absolutely has to make or take a call, one goes into the break room and does so. One does not do so from, say, the bathroom.

I was in the bathroom minding my own business on Thursday, when a girl walked in, took a seat in the stall next to mine, and dialed someone. She went on at some length about how upset she was about being put on a certain one of our surveys, and itemized the reasons, most of which were her being whiny. I emerged from my stall and washed my hands, then sweetly asked the girl (still on the phone) if she was aware that company regulations forbade being on the cellphone in the bathroom.

The girl protested that she had needed to be in this room in any case. The fellow on the other end of the phone evidently queried what was going on. She began to indignantly related that "some lady" had told her she couldn't be on the phone -- "Technically, I'm a supervisor," I said, with far too much humor in my tone to have actually kept a straight face.

I made a beeline for the shift manager on duty, Stressy College Chick, to query what it was that we were doing to people who were caught on the cellphone in the bathroom these days. She directed me to one of the junior supervisors (with no nickname yet), who was evidently on slacker-duty that day. I advised him of the fact that the next person who stepped out of that room would be the slacker of the week.

Her Highness flounced out, spotted me, and asked "Are you the one who was in the bathroom just now?" in the tone only known to starlets, royalty, and pampered teenage girls.

"Oh!" I said. "You're the one who was in the bathroom just now!" My tone was one of delighted amusement.

And the girl began indignantly relating to the assembly of supervisors that I had been enormously rude to her, and had lectured on and on and on at her, using the stall door between us as a shield!

She declared that she was so upset that she was going to have to go use an extra break card to have a smoke, and attempted to flounce off. The senior supervisor (Reverend Not-So-Nice Supervisor) called her back and gave her a talking-to. She was still not satisfied, but itching to just go off and do her own thing. When he was done talking to her, she attempted to flounce off again -- and by this time, the shift manager had gotten off the phone, had seen the knot of disagreeing people, and collared Her Highness for a quick one-on-one about Not Being On The Cellphone In The Ruddy Bathroom.

My work there was done. I went back to my workstation in the back room to keep working.

I speculate that she was as irate as she was because I'd embarrassed her in front of whoever it was on the phone. I later heard that this same girl had been involved in a brouhaha involving her alleged attempt to "steal the man" of a fellow phone goon. Perhaps the person on the other end of the phone was the "man" in question?

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