Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

OMFG work. (I'm evil.)

Today, a two-hour piece of paperwork took like 6. Granted, this was for three days' worth of hours, and at least 1/2 an hour was me going "wtf, you did not just do that, beeyotch!" and drafting the snarky e-mail saying same. But still.

I am going to be sooooo glad when I do not have to rely on the ability of my fellow supervisors to a) know what a spreadsheet is, and b) remember that positive numbers go in the bold lines, negative numbers go in the italic lines, and c) everything must be charged positively at least once, but definitely not twice.

There's a little piece of paperwork that used to be done daily, but is now no longer done over the weekends. The people who used to do it over the weekends are cheering. The people who used to use it over the weekends are complaining, and since they know I am t3h spreadsheet wizard, they are asking me if I can make them a thing to duplicate their section of it.

Now. :D I'm evil. If these same supervisors were sat down and told "here's this spreadsheet, you will be learning how to operate it for your jobs" there would be hissy fits to the CEILING. But. If I take a chunk verbatim out of the damn spreadsheet, set it up to do like three days at a time, and show them how to use it, and apologize that it isn't much, but here's where you fill in this and that... They'll eat it up and thank me for the privilege of using this tool that I have given them.

They will also be 99.9% trained on the damn spreadsheet.

(I'm evil.)

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