Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The Vigilante Copy-Editor Strikes Out Again!

I went to fill the car with the fuel! And to obtain foodstuffs! In doing so, I encountered a sign to the effect of:

More Turkey's at Other End of Department!

Now. The stray apostrophe thing is one thing that really irks me. I failed my saving roll on socially-questionable impulse control, and dug around in the external side pocket of my purse. I produced a white-out pen and leaned over the freezer-bin partially full of packaged dead birds and applied the pen to where it would do the most good.

More Turkey s at Other End of Department!

I repeated this procedure on the other two such signs I found. This made it necessary to call amberfox and giggle at what I had just been up to. That's the sort of activity that would be best done by a tiny little person in ninja gear with a sidekick operating a video camera. Vigilante copy editing might go over very well on YouTube.

I do now have staples such as bread, large tortillas, small tortillas, glue-laced shelters for any random instances of la cucharacha that might chance to wander into our kitchen, random meatstuffs, butter and not-quite-butter for the instance of ZOMG SCARY FUDGE that I am planning to implement for Thursday, and green olives suitable for attempting to insert_into the nose of certain bondmates. But the main excellent part of going to the store was the white-out. Things like that just don't happen at random. (Of course, when I was telling this tale on IRC, I spoiled most of it by being rather tipsy and spelling like it. One tiny sake cup of random-what-was-in-the-refrigerator is evidently sufficient to make me all loopy...)

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