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"Wootz" is a word. -- good X-Files UST from runpunkrun. -- scary, SCARY killer nurse locked up. -- at least the Baptists have *one* sane public figure, and what a dose of sanity! Via elorie. -- dduane as Her Wisdom, Empress of the Twenty Universes? She'd be a benevolent dictator until someone or something tried her temper that one last step, for she does not suffer Real Bloody Deliberate Idiots all that well. Debate on the definition of "libertarian". -- nanotubes! nanowires! wootz! -- more tools than

The other day at work, I told Trader Joe's Queen Monitor about my cunning conversational tool for avoiding political differences and patching up any disgruntlement over same: offer up Kermit the Frog as a better candidate for the position. Almost any political position could be done, and done better, by Kermit. This is because he's more competent, honest, and likable than 99.9% of the political candidates out there. People may disagree on the actual candidates and issues, but they can usually agree on Kermit. And nothing says "efw" more than people arguing loudly about who would be better as President, Kermit or Big Bird...

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