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Wherein I bring my fudge to the party. I claim to have made enough fudge for most of LJ.

There were several random YouTube videos. "Andromeda" is crazy like woah, and looks like bad late 70s sci-fi. There were various turkey shenanigans. I got detailed on camera duty. Spink the cat is so, so cute. There is all sorts of random and hilarity, including the thing with the unwanted hair removal by means of fire. Friends, do not light your hair on fire if you no longer want it. Especially when it is attached to you. Especially if it is not scalp hair.

JD has pictures of the preparations. I wound up in control of the camera starting with the turkey fisting. So much love.

Mama called. Dad is resurrecting a 5.25" floppy drive so he can read data from someone's old disk. There was giggly gossip. Mama wanted to know who I was doing Thanksgiving with, so I told her. It is amusing to merrily tell Mama "Oh, I've never met them before," because it does confuse her.

There was setting up of the fish tank, and Spink was in the middle of investigating. There was hilarity as three bloggers converged with various implements of documentation, waiting for her to fall in. (She didn't.) There will be photos from my camera whenever.

I'm going to call Darkside a bit later on, though maybe that will wind up being now.

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