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In which I haven't been around LJ as much as usual.

Nano hit me hard. Now that it's over, I'm so very glad that it's out of my brain. That novel was excellently cathartic, and it put lots of things outside of my head where I can see them better, like a pensieve. It may or may not also do what happened with Rose and Ectogenesis; I have yet to see. But I'm starting to think that I might not be as mentally bad off as I had been thinking that I am. Now that I have my medication adjusted to something OK, and have the experience being sane, I can tell the difference between wacky-crazy and actual "I really need help here" crazy. And that's very good. Very, very good. A random survey site tossed a health survey at me, and mentally, I am doing rather excellently better than I am used to feeling like. I don't think it's just mania telling me that; I think it's actual honest-to-goodness mental health being healthy. Of course, overall mental health means that when I get whacked with something overall bad, it's going to make me notice it far more. If once I was living with that kind of mental fuckery on a regular basis, it might have passed unnoticed in the general funk. Now that I'm generally not, it gets noticed. Kind of like anything always seems worse the instant it starts to improve.

So Nano's been eating my head. I wrote it in Google Docs this year, which was an interesting adventure.

In addition to Nano, for the past couple months I've been having a hard time remembering whether the stuff I'm talking about is going on in IRC with the Support crowd, or on LJ with more of the non-Support usual suspects as well as those from Support who have trickled over in my direction. There have been a lot of things that I'd thought that I'd mentioned on LJ that in fact I've only mentioned in IRC. Work is making me use my brain more, and that leads to a lot less actual content.

So. Yeah.

How have you guys been?

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