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My work week is on crack, and lacks coherent.

Since getting lectured on the topic of proper food at work, I've been crockpotting things. I did split pea soup a while ago, after the accidental chicken stew worked out so well. Then after Thanksgiving, I did a pot roast with potato flakes and random vegetables. I approve of the habit of turning a chunk of meat into a real meal by adding random vegetables, although of course they would be better for me fresh, they are still random vegetables.

These get tossed in little flimsy temporary plastic containers. I like this level of container -- it's got more uses than a plastic bag, and it's also lightweight and inexpensive enough that there is little guilt in tossing it when it does break/wear out, and the life cycle on them is about equal to Real Sturdy Plastic Containers. I like. I like a lot.

That's been lunch, though. And when I do have one of those with me, I'm that much more likely to sit down and have lunch. Something frozen that should be heated up is really a lot of excellent. It's fun!

On I-think-it-was-Tuesday, I got cornered for the Party Committee. I'd previously heard that someone had nominated me for same, but I hadn't been really in on anything like that. But we sat down and talked about the logistics of getting a party going, and I was told off to work up the invitations and RSVP system. Snarky Lady contributed with plots and plans and ideas and found materials, and I was the one to be doing things. That took up the afternoons in Wednesday and Thursday, Thursday especially. I'll have to work up a potluck list later.

Today is December 1, and that means that the end of the month passed! So I can Do Things at the system. But first I had to get the routine paperwork out of the way. Of course, since the checks with the attached invitations go out today too, when the Princess noticed that there were some things wrong with them, I had to fix those first. I got a late start on the paperwork, but finished in a reasonably timely fashion. I poked at the ranking stuff and tried to get it and my mind into some sort of coherent order before I crashed, burned, and went home.

I did get a little custom job spreadsheet built up for the teams. Homie G had asked for it, and Rev. Not-So-Nice Super had wanted it too, so when I did get it done they were both really thrilled.

Pink Shirt Guy has been out for the past couple days.

Figment figured out that I was the one who'd done the party invitation, as there were a rather lot of obscure holidays that fall in December that got listed on the "Have an excellent $HOLIDAY_LIST[1-X]" portion of it. I managed to get all the random text about the party stripped of any religious references that I could detect, other than the list of random holidays that people do celebrate at this season. It may seem very silly to Christian or general-US-agnostic-pop-culture observers, but when something Official manages to word itself in such a way that there's a "this is the default religion, and then all others are kind of off on the side here", that's a bad little feeling in the pit of the stomach. It's much happier when there's something that goes "Yes, people have done all sorts of celebrationy things with this month; we'll be generic and let you fill in the one you want to celebrate."

My days are falling apart in my head, but I got through the week, and there was a touch of overtime!

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