Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Things I Did Today: post-November housecleaning adventures

Surprisingly enough, the apartment mostly stayed livable throughout November. Either it mostly cares for itself, I do things automatically a lot, or hcolleen has been cleaning up while I have not been looking. Any combination of these is fairly likely.

I poked at dishes today. The major thing I tackled was the state of my dresser drawers. They, being cheap bastards of drawers, have commenced with falling apart. What I really need to do on some slow weekend is to glue the bloody things so the bottoms won't fall off again, but I took nails to the one that was falling apart and made it non-fall-apart now.

I went through mail. I cleaned up my chat logs. I did not vacuum, though things needed it. I did clean up the kitchen a bit, though I promptly un-cleaned it by means of bringing in the non-perishable groceries from the car.

I have most of the new Death Note manga read. It is serious crack. hcolleen says it is a mindfuck and that I should bring lube.

I am working on getting iTunes to know all of my songs without double-entering some, because my iTunes-fu is not up to par, and I have a lot of songs, and I'm trying to get them all organized. I have determined that the best way to do this is to select things and drop them into the open iTunes window, because this will cause iTunes to become aware of them if it's not already, but not become doubly aware of it if it knows it's there already, like what happens when you ask it to scan it again. I'm not quite speaking iTunes fluently yet, but I'll get there.

I have stripped my nails of the half-off black paint that was on them and repainted them, this time in gloss black with silver and blue glitter on top. They were perfect for half an hour, at which point I managed to smear all of them.

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