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... an American tradition, like fathers chasing kids around with power tools.

I am not content; I am a human being -- Making Light post about paid content generation, linked with special attention to any of my friends who would like to build online communities by briefly colonizing them and building them up until the actual settlers arrive (a community construction team?) and write random other things. I'm looking at anyone who has spare time and enough energy to sit at computer and wants a bit of income. They pay with PayPal. (The entry also covers the shadow side of this, modern blog payola and sockpuppetry.)

I'm thinking something like that could be fun RP -- without giving obviously fictional references, let's post in the style of character X from series Y! In Janet Kagan's room party thread on the NaNo forums, there is the random writerly tip of distinguishing speech from separate characters by having them speak in different poetic meters. It gets the idea "These are different people" across to anyone who hears the words in their heads when they read, even if they don't consciously recognize the fact that it's the meters distinguishing the voices.

A hysterical review of Laphroaig single malt Scotch Whisky. Via a random pal.

Darkside's mother tells me that Darkside's cellphone died, and there had to be a replacement. She mentioned that previously, the young man had expressed frustration with a new pair of trousers -- there was an odd pocket inside a pocket, and he had no earthly use for it, and since he is a little bit perfectionist and uptight fussy, this upset him. However, the new cellphone fits ever so nicely in this pocket! I was a Very Good Girl and did not make any of the jokes on the theme of "So that will be a cellphone in his pocket, and he's not actually that happy to see me?" that presented themselves to me. After all, this is his mother.

805 201 1977 called me with an offer of steam cleaning, as they would be in the area. It was a recorded sales pitch. I was rather appalled, as I am of course on the Do Not Call list, and I don't recall any business with them. (Alas, I don't know the company name. I suspect it's either a spoofed number or a random block number.) They offered several buttons to push, one being to put the number on their internal no-call list. I punched through to a real person. I wanted to know if they were aware of the National Do Not -- They broke in and wanted my number. I insisted upon asking if they were aware of the Do -- They broke in and wanted my number, and when I tried to insist again, they did the "I hear you, can you hear me?" "I can hear you just fine." "I asked you what your number is." "And I'm not going to answer your question until you answer mine." At which point bastard hung up on me. Yes, they are happily reported. They will probably call back.

Since I work in an outbound phone environment, I would not have blown up at the phone goon without provocation. I would have asked if they were aware of the National Do Not Call registry. Then I would have asked them to please let their supervisor know that they had called someone on it, and that this could pose a problem for their company. Then I would have mentioned that the thing they were doing with the opt-out was not the same as the no-call list, in case they weren't already aware of this.

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