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Long IRC log, edited for relevance. Drunken antics from someone whose identity has been obscured 'cause I don't know if he'd be OK with having this sort of drunken antic in public. (Only those who were there shall know the shame!) Random botsex. Punnery. NOODLY APPENDAGE!

[00:21] $DUDE|out ($DUDE@u.edu) is now known as $DUDE|drunk
[00:21] $DUDE|drunk waves at the channel
[00:23] $DUDE|drunk: eee jennifer, your hello kitty userpic is cute :3
[00:23] Azz: hi $DUDE. What are you drunk on?
[00:23] $DUDE|drunk: margaritas except with rum instead
[00:24] $DUDE|drunk: i don't know how many i've had. 3? 4? something like that
[00:24] $DUDE|drunk: i have another sitting right here
[00:24] Azz: I had two spiked mochas.
[00:24] $DUDE|drunk: mmmm candy corn ^_^
[00:26] $DUDE|drunk ($DUDE@u.edu) is now known as $DUDE
[00:26] $DUDE ($DUDE@u.edu) is now known as $DUDE|drunk
[00:26] $DUDE|drunk: stupid memoserv.
[00:27] Stanton: You're rather coherent for someone who's supposedly drunk
[00:27] Stanton: Capitalization's absent, per usual.
[00:27] Stanton: Punctuation is amazingly, well, punctual
[00:27] remark: HIT BY A COCK
[00:27] $DUDE|drunk: i don't lose my typing when drunk, thanks
[00:28] $DUDE|drunk: brb laundry
[00:28] Stanton: How many times did you just hit backspace?
[00:28] remark: prove you're drunk, say something you'll regret saying in the morning
[00:28] Stanton: <$DUDE|drunk> mmmm, buttery penis i mean toasted genitalia i mean hot roasty delicious penisbread
[00:28] Stanton: Saved for posterity.
[00:29] Azz cracks up

[ Time passes. ]

[01:15] stardance: Unusual Things I've Flushed Down The Toilet This Week: A photo essay
[01:15] asciident: ...
[01:15] $DUDE|drunk: ...
[01:15] Lacey: ...
[01:16] stardance: no?

[ A little later, the Anna saga begins. ]

[01:28] Lacey: Hm. Dilemma. Aching back, hands, and joints. Am not terribly timred yet, but I'm wondering if bed should occur soon.
[01:28] Lacey: bit, stay up, or go to bed?
[01:28] Anna: Maybe stay up, will suit you today.
[01:28] Bit: Jenny has your number. (Or, pick go to bed.)
[01:29] asciident: ok
[01:29] Lacey: Hm.
[01:29] asciident: why are 2 bots now responding to questions?
[01:29] Lacey: What I was wondering.
[01:29] Azz: Because Anna is an overachiever.
[01:29] asciident: I don't care what she is, that's excessive :p
[01:30] Lacey: I thought Anna was only supposed to answer if the bot being addressed wasn't in the room.
[01:30] Lacey: I surmise I was wrong.
[01:30] hColleen: it's....redundancy
[01:30] Azz: I think she's *supposed* to not. There have been a few occasions where she has, and no one seems to know why.
[01:31] hColleen: genetics?
[01:32] burr86|sleep: i think she waits to see if another bot responds
[01:32] burr86|sleep: if it takes long enough, then it thinks that the other bot isn't around?
[01:32] burr86|sleep: 's my guess
[01:33] Lacey: That seems feasible.
[01:33] V_PauAmma_V nudges Ciaran_H.
[01:36] hColleen: Azz giggles muchly...making me wonder about her....but then, there were two spiked mochas
[01:43] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) You weren't wondering about her already? Does that means she didn't tell you about ... *glances at Azz* *whisper*?
[01:43] Azz linked hColleen to "Boten Anna" and the zhzh QDB
[01:44] hColleen: Pau....I've wondered since I met her...it just gets worse
[01:44] $DUDE|drunk: hehehehe.
[01:44] hColleen: but...she makes me tea, so...
[01:45] hColleen is way too easily pacified
[01:45] Azz can operate a microwave! It is an essential life skill!
[01:46] hColleen would probably starve without microwave
[01:46] hColleen: or fast food
[ elapsed time involves bad puns about college ]
[01:51] Ciaran_H: Oh crap, Anna's responding now even when Bit's here? Eep. She's not supposed to.
[01:52] Ciaran_H: And no, she doesn't wait for the other bot... she's supposed to keep track of state in the room, users who enter, etc.
[01:53] Lacey: Interesting.
[01:53] Ciaran_H: Hang on a sec.
[01:53] Ciaran_H: Does it only happen with Bit when she does that?
[01:53] Ciaran_H: Bit, Bit or Anna?
[01:53] Bit: Ciaran_H: Bit, duh.
[01:53] Azz tries to remember if she did it with Goat that one night
[01:53] Ciaran_H: Okay, that's odd.
[01:53] Azz: ...um.
[01:53] $DUDE|drunk: hahaha
[01:54] hColleen: oh, dear gods
[01:54] Ciaran_H: Azz: LOL! ;p
[01:54] Azz is clearly way too tired
[01:54] Ciaran_H: .
[01:54] hColleen did not need that type of mental image, thank you muchly
[01:55] Ciaran_H: Botsex!
[01:55] hColleen: GYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:55] Lacey: baaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
[01:55] Ciaran_H: Sorry, it had to be said.
[01:55] Lacey: $(aaaaaaaaaaah)
[01:55] hColleen: yeah, sure
[01:55] Ciaran_H: Shall I kick myself now?
[01:55] hColleen: yes, absolutely
[01:56] Ciaran_H: Wait, I'm not an op, I don't think I'll be able to. If a chanop wants to oblige, that'd be cool. ^^
[01:56] Ciaran_H: Yeah, I can't kick myself.
[01:56] hColleen: ./kick Ciaran_H
[01:56] Azz pastes a "kick me" sign to his back
[01:57] V_PauAmma_V sets mode #lj_support: +o Ciaran_H
[01:59] Ciaran_H: It's only a /me. ;p
[ conversation about whether Anna is a bot or a nice girl ]
[02:08] Ciaran_H: See, that's when Anna should answer.
[02:08] Ciaran_H: When you prefix her name.
[02:08] stardance: :D:D
[02:08] stardance: Anna says she is a nice girl and Bit is mean so listen to Anna
[02:09] Ciaran_H: Anna, Bit, is Bit mean?
[02:09] Anna: YES
[ more random ]
[02:11] V_PauAmma_V: Anna, Goat, green issues
[02:11] Anna: (I was specifically asked to respond instead of the bot, so I will. Hold on a sec.)
[02:11] Anna: There are 6 open requests in Issue Investigation: 4 are unanswered, 2 are still needing help.
[02:11] V_PauAmma_V . o O $DUDE green issue sounds gross )
[02:11] stardance: Anna, Goat, green gunk
[02:12] Anna: (I was specifically asked to respond instead of the bot, so I will. Hold on a sec.)
[02:12] Anna: There are 78 open requests in General/Unknown: 22 are unanswered, 52 are answered awaiting close, 4 are still needing help.
[02:12] stardance: that sounds worse :D
[02:12] hColleen: green anything is questionable
[02:12] V_PauAmma_V hmms.
[02:12] stardance: We should have a cat called soylent.
[02:13] hColleen: well...if we ever get hungry....
[02:13] V_PauAmma_V: Anna, Charlotte, lime slime is Goat, green gunk
[02:13] stardance: Goat, green soylent.
[02:13] Goat: I'm sorry, stardance, that category doesn't seem to exist.

[bot-debugging, random weird characters instead of English ]

[03:08] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) http://www.zhzh.org/quotes/support/viewquotes.php?id=187 <--- Are you verbal already?
[03:09] hColleen: Pau, I'm verbal...but...do I really want to know
[03:13] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) And to answer your other question, only one way to find out.
[03:14] hColleen: Pau...that implies I want the answer
[03:15] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) Why else would you ask?
[03:15] hColleen: ...glutton for punishment?
[03:16] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) If you are, then you definitely should go read it. :-)
[03:17] hColleen: and a coward
[03:17] xx-kate has disconnected: Ping timeout
[03:17] hColleen: but it's so....linky and shiny...and I'm gonna regret it
[03:18] Azz: *snerk*
[03:18] Azz: You can bat me retroactively.
[03:19] Azz passes the pool noodle
[03:19] stevieg has joined
[03:19] hColleen now has a pool noodle by her chair
[03:19] Azz has been batted
[03:19] V_PauAmma_V watches hColleen acquire a noodly appendage.
[03:19] Azz is Touched by the Noodly Appendage
[03:19] hColleen: ...
[03:20] hColleen: that would make writing more interesting
[03:20] Azz has Ghastly mental images
[03:20] hColleen: oh, dear gods...
[03:20] hColleen: oh third or fourth thought...I'll do without noodly appendages
[03:21] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) "Show me, on this anatomically complete doll, where the Noodly Appendage touched you."
[03:21] hColleen: *shudders*
[03:22] Azz is Bad Touch-ed
[03:23] hColleen: she....dancing....
[03:23] hColleen: help
[03:23] V_PauAmma_V hands hColleen a trank dart gun.
[03:23] hColleen takes aim.....damn, she's moving
[03:24] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) If you can't hit her, you can always turn it on yourself. :-)
[03:25] Azz: hColleen: blame $DUDE for sending me the Bad Touch.
[03:25] hColleen: hmmm....there's that....but, I think at point blank, it might fail to matter if it's trank or not...
[03:27] hColleen sings "I don't wanna go to work, I'm a lazy bum...there's a million things that I can think of that are more fun to do"
[03:28] V_PauAmma_V: (to hColleen) Like hanging out on an IRC channel with dubious characters that make you want to get violent with your roommate? :-)
[03:29] hColleen: yes, that's better than work, don't you think?
[03:29] Azz: pau: "want to"?
[03:29] V_PauAmma_V nearly wrote "get physical".
[03:29] stardance: >.<
[03:29] stardance: sorry
[03:29] Azz: stardance: that's a lot of dubious characters
[03:30] hColleen: physical? I'm not her type...she's the darkside lover
[03:30] stardance: it's not pronounceable
[03:30] hColleen: oh, dear, star, that's...problematic
[03:30] stardance: I don't mean to do that ;_; I forget I have Korean on
[03:31] stardance: I think I have ADD
[03:31] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) Doesn't intention precede action in AZ?
[03:31] Azz makes reference to the QDB in which it is proven that the whole channel has ADH... oo, shiny!
[03:31] hColleen: star, ADD is a prerequisite to join channel
[03:32] V_PauAmma_V: Green!
[03:32] stardance: I'm taking an ADD test <.<
[03:32] stardance: I keep loosing interest :P
[03:32] stardance: seriously, it's taken me like two days
[03:33] hColleen: the channel in my brain keeps changing
[03:34] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) I thought they all proved that?
[03:35] Azz: Well, yeah, but this one was explicit.
[03:37] V_PauAmma_V just reread the pickle one.
[03:37] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) Which one is it?
[03:38] Azz: Um, one of them.
[ discussion ]
[03:42] hColleen hears random gasps and shudders...looks over to see Azz reading Death Note
[03:43] Azz: Aren't gasping and shuddering supposed to happen when the book is a complete mindfuck?
[03:44] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) Is this a rhetorical question?
[03:44] hColleen: ...
[ more silliness ]
[04:05] Azz: ok, I go to bed. Without Goat.
Quit: FRANKly, my dear...
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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