Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The Adventures of Ping

Working on getting some things out into new format. Crazy-stuff. Had to consult with Pink Shirt Guy on disposition of random categories of charging things. (OMG, I am turning into Percy Weasley, except I'm neither skinny, ginger, nor hanging out with Rufus-baby.) While I was in his shared office, I explained low-on-virtual-memory to him, followed in short order by walking two other managers through ping and tracert to diagnose that yes, a site they should be able to get to was inaccessible to us.

The levels of management that I was dealing with on the inaccessible website issue were certain that they'd never remember either ping or tracert; the one's nearest memory hook for "ping" was golf-related.

"Like throwing a golf ball at something and seeing if it bounces back," I told her.

They're going to corner me for these things before they snag Actual IT, now.

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