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Let's get technical.

Note: the admin console reference, item "finduser": all instances of the word "criteria" need to be replaced with "criterion"; all instances of "criterias" need to be replaced with "criteria". This operation is order-sensitive.

Today at work there was a thing that had problems. Namely, the computer in one of the monitor rooms began acting bogus, shutting Internet Explorer off without warning, repeatedly. I went back to find Turbo, and explained the problem to him. He diagnosed virus. I was totally not surprised, though I'd guessed security software at work intercepting sites with mondo popups and badware until I got the same thing on the same machine on our intranet's monitoring logs.

I wrote him up the trouble ticket, explaining the symptoms and so forth; he said he'll be on it in the morning. ♥ Turbo. I sent him a private message with my commentary on the thing, intended as supplementary to the trouble ticket.

Commentary on Monitor Room X's PC woes

I mentioned to Snarky Lady that the machine may have contracted a virus from the site she was on (; she suggested the alternative explanation of a virus from some of the web surfing done by the younger supervisor-types who are on MySpace all day and all night. I'd trust Snarky Lady's ability to avoid a virus-ridden site before I'd trust, say, NewPoserGeek or Leftover Leftovers Guy's.

I know that the social networking site in question harbors some variously interesting content. 90% of the field managers could tell you that there are people on this site when they ought to be working, and the further-isolated the monitor room, the better it is for playing around unseen. It would really annoy quite a few chronic slackers if MySpace turned up blocked some day.


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