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32 hours away from LJ makes for a grumpy Loony

Around nine-ish Wednesday, I went to work.
Work is one of those places where I do not want to share my LJ. I would feel fine with quite a few of the people at work knowing who I am -- but honestly, Turbo does not need to know that I perv over his fine ass. Turbo is IT, and my respected colleague, and married. I'm fine with post-by-e-mail, because that's far less likely to get noted and somehow intercepted.

Wednesday was a work day that involved not so much angst. I had already packed Thalia into her bag, so I came home, grabbed an hcolleen, and zoomed off for group, detouring briefly for a trystan_laryssa who wasn't up to it. dustraven said that she had claimed to have called. My cellphone log shows ... no missed calls. Unless I am massively out of range, any calls to either of the numbers will ring to my cellphone first. Hi, missed call log. (And seriously, anyone who's reading this and tries to call us? LET IT RING UNTIL YOU GET THE ANSWERING MACHINE AND THEN LEAVE A MESSAGE. Unless it is between 11pm and 8am, this will not be a problem. That's a 4-hour window of "please try not to call us on work-nights" between 11pm and 3am, with an additional "fuck off and die" for calls between 4am and 8am, unless they're dire and urgent. 4 RINGS AND HANGING UP WILL NOT CONVINCE US THAT YOU NEED TO BE CALLED BACK. In fact, 4 RINGS AND HANGING UP WILL PROBABLY NOT GET YOU THROUGH TO ANYONE. Through the magic of the modern phone service, all calls go through to my cellphone first when it is turned on. It will ring 4x there. If I have my cellphone on and I am at work and it is silenced and I am not in a place where I can do the cellphone-grab, it will ring the full 4 times. No one has heard a ring yet in the apartment. If it's silenced, no one has probably heard any rings. If my phone is silenced, at home, turned on, and not on me, no one has noticed a thing. After those 4 rings, Qwest automagically transfers you to the landline. The landline will ring. After the landline's answering machine has noticed 4 rings, the answering machine will pick up. This is not a voicemail. It is a real live answering machine. Leave a message. Please. Even if it's a "Hi, got the machine, nothing urgent, just wanted to say hi ... " this way we will not have to play guessing games. Calling the landline number is preferred. It is the one that ends in 42. The reason for this preference is that during daytime hours, all calls incoming to the cellphone number will rack up cellphone minutes, whether they are taken on the cellphone or on the landline. All calls to the landline number will act normal, and only incur cellphone minutes if they are taken on the cellphone. If I am at home and I get a call and the cellphone is on, I will forward it to the landline so I will not rack up minutes. It defeats the purpose if someone's calling the cellphone number. Just pretend that the cellphone number does not work; leave it in your address books only so you don't go "hey who is that number calling us?")

Chronic irritation over DeAnna's phone habits aside, writers' group was lovely fun. It was crowded, so we ran short on time. Stacy ran short on battery. V was there!!!!! Her hair is growing back, and she was dressed like a snowbird. She's house-sitting, pet-sitting, teen-sitting, and car-sitting. She read the tale of the death of Siete. It was a hard thing to read. I wound up standing behind her and wrapping my arms around her as she broke up reading the part where she left her beloved car in the hands of the wreckers. I drove Siete for months at a time, car-sitting her, and Siete had far more personality and life than Vash has. That car got to know people.

There was the excellent assassin-for-hire/English teacher character. So good. I read a snippet of Circle of Fire, the part that wound up being right before the smut. Mmm, smut.

There was Willow House after, and Willow House had dancing. I went out onto the crowded thing that passed for a dance floor, and proceeded to dance vigorously. A few minutes in, my lungs said "What, bitch?" and I went careening off the dance floor into the slightly less smoky adjoining room and collapsed in a chair and attempted to breathe. (If I'd been on that dance floor one more minute, they would have had a serious emergency on their hands, mostly from me freaking the fuck out over being unable to breathe and unable to get off the dance floor. Something packed that tightly is not good for me and I am not going back next week, because I freaked out so badly. I can bring a jacket this time and stay outside.) Once I was back with the breathing again, I went outside to continue the whole breathing habit. I wound up talking to Dawn and walking back and forth on the brickwork. I like walking back and forth on the brickwork. My legs weren't too coordinated, but it's a good sign that I was able to do this and was not falling off in a drastic fashion.

There was just enough time to shower and hit bed. I was groggy come morning, but got to work on time, still without LJ.

Work was surprisingly sane, sort of. One dude tried to get fired. Literally. He was begging the office to fire him. (He wanted/needed his check within X time, and if you get canned you can get your check within a certain amount of time, so obviously he needed to get fired.) When no one would do that for him, he announced that he would go on the phone and screw up on purpose so that when he got monitored he would get fired. Instead, he got sent home for unwillingness to do his job properly.

Friday marks the last day to turn in RSVP cards for the company holiday party. We currently have 54 cards out of approximately 255 printed up and sent out. I counted them and tabulated the results and sent an e-mail to the rest of the party committee discussing the responses so far. Since I am a dork, and because it would be funny, I put it all together in the same way that a supervisor running a production survey would report on the production survey. This is sure to be a hysterical hit with the rest of the committee.

At length, I came home. I caught up on LJ, mostly. I started reading the news post and all the comments. I am taking notes, and have hit page 19. My LJ Thread Unfolder is working again, which is what makes these mega-post comment-thread summaries possible. Then I realized my lack of orange chicken, went to Trader Joe's, and picked hcolleen up from the airport. I called Tay-Tay while I was waiting. The Dude of the Velcro Mating Dance of Love tracked me down on MySpace! Awesome! I keep one of those just for things like that. I shall have to send him in her direction. It was so cool the other day -- I poked Semagic, and Semagic told me that the LJ feed for Tay-Tay's blog that I am syndicating off MySpace had changed its name, and now she's going by Sparkle Magic. (And lest anyone think that is a terribly twee name that no self-respecting adult should be known by -- it is exactly that because that's the name of her fairy-doll from when she was like three or four years old. And one can sort of get behind the "name from childhood" thing, right? My fairy-doll was named similarly.)

I am up too late, but I have gotten my shower, and I will be having my bed. Goodnight, LJ. omfg tired.

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