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Mary Cheney gets pregnant. US conservative groups get huffy.
The 12 isms of Christmas. NSFW: language.
Via metaquotes: khukuri vs. Huntsman, winner take all. Not safe for the arachnophobic. If you are arachnophobic, in fact, do not Google the Huntsman spider. Your fear will thank you. Also avoid all references to Clockspider.
Via Making Light: Fruitcake. This resembles the recipe I used with Guide Dog Aunt that one time. -- yay fic.
Firepower on the Great Lakes

Today at work, Trendy Chick #2 said that she liked the posters and stuff I'd made for the company party; it made it seem like it would be an actual fun party and not the complete waste of time it was actually going to be. I'm still not sure whether to feel complimented or not.

This morning Turbo came in and cussed at me and told me it was time for the new machines, and asked if I would feel comfortable unplugging things and clearing the old machines off and out of the way. That would be definitely yes. I get the feeling that most of the end-users would not get asked that. I also get the feeling that getting the low-level geek to do the dirty work is a time-honored tradition that was totally being followed in the spirit of the season. And I got to set up the flat-panel monitors (LOVE!!) and while I was finishing my paperwork, he set up the machines and finished his admin stuff. I got box #13, which he semi-apologized for, but once I said it was cool, he said he'd figured.

I did my morning paperwork, then hacked at the custom spreadsheet I am making to make my Monday mornings considerably less than six hours on one damn spreadsheet. Then I went home after the brain started to overheat. I'm at 40.75 hours for the week. Yay.

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