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hi, this is my day.

There are songs that aren't coming out right now. Today was a 10.5 hour day at work, with lots of random, lots of insane, and lots of bad paperwork. I wrote an E-Mail of Shame, triple-layered. (First layer: addressed to all teams on the points that need to be done, and done correctly, closed with, instead of the usual "Thanks," a "Thanks for all your help." Anyone who wants to imagine me rolling my eyes while saying so, feel free. Second layer: forwarded to the managers attached to the teams that had made the boo-boos, with a breakdown of which team was responsible for which boo-boo, and platitudes like "I'm sure it was just an oversight," which is fooling exactly no one. Third layer: forwarded to Pink Shirt Guy, with "FYI: This is the e-mail that was sent in response to that paperwork I told you about." "Told you about" is shorthand for "cursed about while stomping feet in his office.")

What I'm doing at work right now aside from paperwork: party planning/stuff. I'm helping organize the interviewers' party. It's on Saturday in the phone goon break room. Main dishes and soda are on the company; the rest is potluck. Random door prizes of varying quality will be had; it's planned to be random gift cards for the good prizes and silly swag of dubious quality for the not-so-good prizes. Either there's going to be a critical mass of sociable & happy people and an excellent time will be had by most, or it's going to be awkward and chilly and a bust. It's been decent fun in past years, though how much fun it is depends on how many friends happen to be there. If you're one of those poor saps who doesn't get along with anybody at work it's got to bite. The party is supposed to be dry, though since the "Do Not BYOB" part got left off the invitations, gods alone know what's going to happen.

I've been told that I need to bring enough fudge for everybody, because I signed up on the potluck list for "near-lethal fudge" and got everybody curious. (Once upon a time, when the fudge didn't fudge because I got the recipe a little dodgy, I decided to thicken it with powdered sugar. It was 2 am. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My diabetic Business professor had a piece and konked over in a sugar crisis in the staff lounge. Woops. Everybody agreed that aside from that it was really good.)

The management/staff party is on Thursday afternoon. I'm *not* organizing that. It's at a nearby hotel, with two drinks (and presumably a cash bar after that) and snacks. This'll be my first time there. I hear tales that random drunken antics are fairly common at that one.
Tonight I stayed late helping print up holiday bingo cards.

Sex and Psychological Operations -- fascinating look at pr0n propaganda.

Random bizarre technopagan idea -- I suggested to wibbble that he pimp his shiny new toy out in the fashion of an altar, and have the screen be the working area, and to put things on the altar, snap a picture and use that as the desktop. I wonder why I didn't think of that before? Perhaps because I don't have a thing that takes pictures and is a computer-thing?

random candy recipe bases

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