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That same old song; you played along

Beating on air filters at 2-something in the morning is the height of physical comedy as far as I'm concerned. This may change when I finish reading the friendspage, but there you have it.

FMA rocks.

Pandora also rocks. Today I discovered the "Quick Mix" feature. Lately I'd been listening to my Sugar Metal station near-exclusively (I previously had it tuned so it had operatic, primarily Scandinavian metal, and sound-alikes, but it's broadened since then; I might think about tuning it back down and exporting some of the similar-but-different stuff to a different station) and it's nice to mix things up while not including stylistic elements that don't belong together for me. Delta Goodrem's "Innocent Eyes" has been a frequent earworm.

Tonight: Tuesday was the anime thing planned, so I gave English a buzz to see if it was still on. He decided in favor of it, and a good time was had by all.

From work:

I got the phrase "I figured the rude part could be mitigated by careful phrasing, but that left the logical futility," sent to me in a spam, and it struck me enough that I Googled to see where it came from.

It's always interesting to see what comes out when you startle them enough to drop their facade.

Holy crap party. Today? Shopping. Not sure if I'm being dragged on that excursion or not. Also, the training room is being taken entirely down for these purposes. Scary stuff.

Not going shopping today. Training room not coming down. Shopping tomorrow.

Fic Rec: "Fantasies About Lily" -- adolescent bravado at its best. Here's to you, my Monkeys, here's to you.

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