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Life is good.

I explained the slashdot effect to Mama last night. I was rather disjointed but trying to explain something or other. I explained it effectively, or something, though.

Today I'm on ibuprofen, not vicodin. This makes me happy. Not as happy as being on the vicodin makes me, but that's sort of the point. The wound is healing nicely; I'll have to remember that being at work and sucking down as much ice as my mouth can stand will make any former wisdom teeth of mine happy.

Darkside is not entirely coherent right now, and is watching stuff with family. (This is as of 2 in the afternoon or thereabouts.)

hcolleen came home, and we hit the Temple of Electronics, where we ran into myrrhianna and the dude as we were emerging with hcolleen's new motherboard, processor, and DVD burner.

OMG diabetes breakthrough in turning off pain receptors in the pancreas of mice.

Binary scarf.

I went off and did things. I succeeded in my saving roll against completely blowing my budget by getting a shiny new smartphone (with or without service, but especially with). The matter of the prepaid camera phone that was seriously on sale, on the other hand, was less resistible. I have service with Qwest on the current cellphone, AzureGhost, until May or thereabouts. Prepaid camera phone means that there will *not* be another bill to be paying regularly; I can safely let myself run out of minutes/service. Since AzureGhost already strikes me as more reliable, and I do not have too many minutes for Ruby (Motorola C261, deep lovely red) I'm planning on using Ruby as a mobile multimedia LJ client, essentially. Serious pictures would be on the little black camera with the rainbow sticker; serious communication or text messaging would be on AzureGhost, and one of these days my little palmtop AzureBlue will be functional again and would be for lengthier notes from the field to be synchronized up when back at home base.

Did laundry: yay.

Called Shawn. He called back. He has had a girlfriend for three months! She is awesome, evidently: a serious feminist, a total hippy, and all-around great. He's coming to NM for a visit shortly. His youngest half-brother is 16 and acting like a complete idiot and also out of control. I told Shawn that I really hated to say it, but it looked like his little brother was taking after him. Shawn claimed that he had been smarter. He gave an example of how his brother is dumber: there is such a thing as pattern recognition. See if you can find the pattern in this scenario! Every day, this guy skips school and hangs out in the same abandoned building with his buddies. And each day, the cops drop by and pick them up and return them to their parents. The cops are getting pretty damn tired of this. The parents are getting pretty damn tired of this. Dude has not clued in that "Same thing we do every night, Pinky..." does not work if people are onto it. He was doing this a couple months back the last time I talked to Shawn. He's still doing it now.

Teenage girls of Albuquerque, NM: dating Kai Weixelman is a bit of a bad risk. If you know him, you should know that from all appearances he is a teenage idiot. If he's acting less smart than his big brother, that's a whole lot of stupid in one guy. If you happen to have a thing for him, my heart goes out to you, and here's hoping you survive the experience without too much damage, and become the wiser for it. If he's anything like his brother, attempting to make him less of an idiot is best done if you're not trying to date him, and it still isn't very successful. His brother is 26 and perhaps vaguely resembles a responsible human being ... if you squint pretty hard and ignore the attached list of character flaws and other assorted problems. (He seems to be doing a decent job with his daughter, and he is holding down a job, and he is really bloody creative and a lot of fun ... and unless you're way, way braver than I am, DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT TEN-FOOT POLE OF 'NOT TOUCHING THAT'.) I know that trying to persuade y'all to steer clear of him is inevitably going to fail, especially because I don't actually know him, I just know his brother and the random crazy stories that his brother tells and how very much like his brother he sounds like he is... but it's one of those things where I do wish that someone had warned me more effectively, so I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE, 'K?

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