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It is this kind of day.

Woke up a half-hour after I should have. Picked up package from office. Went to work. Worked on paperwork. Have figured out some of the tricks to doing weekends on the paperwork. Got paperwork done in less time than previous weekends -- only three and a half hours or so. Paper jam ensued.

I had lunch and contemplated life and stuff. It's nice having a packed frozen lunch. (And I'll need to be cooking this weekend.) The Darkside-deprivation continues. I shall have to write him an e-mail containing some of the babble that I would have babbled at him had he been coherent when I called.

I actually had time for lunch before some of the paperwork hit. There's a timed report that comes out from a database, and until that report comes out, you can't do much else. So I had lunch.

I zapped through the thing and then Pink Shirt Guy and I did the report together; I was going really fast through it and he was thinking that next time I might not even need him lurking over my shoulder.

There was a disturbance. A random interviewer ("Crazy lady," says Pink Shirt Guy, who is not actually here, but who apparently has enough of a memory-voice that he gets to make parenthetical comments of enlightenment in my journal entries) was upset that refunds for the vending machines are now being handled with vending machine tokens rather than cash money. So he had to handle that. I ducked out of the way, turned my face away from the Noisy Fuss, and expended some effort on keeping my face straight even though it wasn't visible. I later mentioned that it did seem to be going around, as there'd been some of that in my volunteer position.

After we were done with the Morning Star Reports (they've been dubbed that because they are the very devil, Pink Shirt Guy said, and I offered that up for the whole Lucifer thing) it was 5, so I skittered off home.

I did take a nice walk in the parking lot, and that was nicely invigorating.

I still have headaches. I'm hoping they'll go away with the residual gum pain going away.

I am impressed by the sanity in the back-end inside knowledge discussion going on some entries ago. One of the things that doesn't come through in the news posts about the changes, in part because this sort of thing doesn't get discussed in a forum where you know the competition is definitely watching, is that every seemingly-random UI-type change that's made, especially the unpopular ones that get the hue and cry and still don't get changed back and only get explained vaguely, has actually been made in response to a statistical trend in the site usage, to try and improve that thing. I hadn't known that. Now I do. That's going to make a lot of the future changes (and I'm sure there will be some) a lot easier on my brain.

I had things in my brain but they are missing. RoastBee cluster! And then there was that priceless post from the person whose neighbor was wondering why those cheap bees were so bad...

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