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"Most importantly: my crotch!" -- Goblin King cosplayer

Non-intuitive lack of redirect: should probably redirect to the actual allpics.bml rather than 404.

For the whole "we are not able to breathe without coughing" thing, I put hot water in a crockpot. When I called Dawn, she recommended rosemary in the water. So I put rosemary in the water. Then I thought about it, and added rather a lot of mint and some cinnamon and some echinacea and goldenseal, and it's become an effective and surprisingly tasty tisane as well as a humidifier.

I have the actual humidifier running.

One of the things that I desire out of a year is a shortage of moments that make me wince hardcore when reading them a year later. January isn't so strong on them, but once I get into later bits, I imagine I'll find more of them.

Random piece of paper on my desk says, regarding zombies: "You can get to the brains on a male a lot more easily." This was from a random anime night involving discussions of zombies and so forth. And I have a Cunning Plan that I must discuss with hcolleen.

Thinking about dating a girl geek and the holidays: First, drop the "girl" part, and think of her as a geek. (As a fellow geek, if you're also a geek.) Keep her interests in mind and get her something for a certain fraction of your gift-for-her budget. Then, with the remaining money, think of her as a girl, and get her a card (and possibly flower), keeping the current holiday in mind. Of course, if she's hinted at preferring to get something girly this holiday, ask her closest chickfriend.

I've been reading through the archives for this year. I'm not out of January yet. Something tells me I won't get through the entire year until next year. That means that old things will be dredged up and put in here, and things that have been left to sit will be paid attention to. I'm working on the geekhousekeeping wiki, getting the bones of the things I was brainstorming in there. That's rather a lot of content, but I hope it'll get to be a good thing, you know? It's not yet ready for the public just yet, because there's still all sorts of junk and things not linked right, but perhaps someday?

I still feel as if I've been beaten with things. Seeing Darkside this weekend would probably be Bad.

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