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Speaking from personal experience, I have to recommend the school of dissociative identity disorder counseling that involves treating the situation like roommates with communication problems, and if necessary, roommates with communication problems and individual mental illnesses. I believe that being functional trumps thinking like normal people.

Arizona people: renfest season is coming up again soon! It's probably a little on the early side for actual plans, but theoretical plans are still good. I should poke the bondmate, as any scheduling has to be done way in advance.

Losing the wallpaper on your computer should not be a technological emergency.

I'm at the stage of ill that involves dripping sinus action and dripping eyes to boot. Not fun, but omg I can breathe with my lungs, which makes me so happy. I have handkerchiefs. All is well with the world, though I had better not be trying to drive and sneeze at the same time.

I think that immediate reaction spell-checking is an excellent thing for general literacy. If you get trained that the wavy red line is a bad thing, and you correct what you're doing to not get the wavy red line, eventually you will start picking up on good spelling in general. However, it does not work so well when you're operating in a context without the wavy red line, like handwriting. (This was poked-at in writing group, where some things on the whiteboard were wavy-red-lined, to very amusing effect.)

We had rain on Friday. It was good. I went out and stood in parts of it. I was already coming down with something before this, so it was probably not the #1 best decision, but I didn't stay out in it for long enough to even really get wet.

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